"I absolutely loved this book. It has twists and turns, a very rich language, and its metaphors gave me goose bumps." - Luna Groene, 12yrs old, Hamburg

"A gift for grownups: The Children's Book of Courage is a literary gift for all grown ups to help the children of our time; a reminiscent journey of hope, trust, compassion and above all fun." - Joanne Edwards

"A beautiful story about taking us back to the innate magic of being a child." - mindfulness for preschoolers

“You have done so very well to remember what is and what is not important in a world where the two are so easily confused. To know what to hold on to because it is truly precious and what to let go of because truly, it is not”.
This is more than a children's book - a story of hope to help navigate strange and challenging times. If you would like to be an early adopter, a torch bearer of better days ahead and would like a PDF copy in exchange for a review please send us a request: